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Large Outdoor Dining Tables

laid outdoor dining table

Large Outdoor Dining Tables

Perch and Settle’s stylish 3.6 metre large outdoor dining tables are perfect for seating up to 16 people. Firstly, the durable, black frames with long-lasting, low-maintenance Burnt Cedar effect and Millboard tops co-ordinate beautifully with any seating. Secondly and most notably, this effect creates a dramatic statement on any patio, deck or lawn.

The satin black effect makes bright coloured serving bowls, glassware and summer salads really pop and moreover, coloured cushions create a dramatic effect in contrast to the 3.6m black benches.

The table-tops are made from Millboard which combines the beauty of natural wood in addition to a moulded, long-lasting composite. For this reason, our tables will not rot, stain or warp.

It’s the perfect material for your outdoor dining table. And therefore it’s hygienic enough to eat on, and above all durable enough to dance on! Because our robust timber frames are pressure treated, we guarantee you’ll enjoy years of use with minimal maintenance as a result.

Our large outdoor dining tables look great with outdoor furniture or a mix of your indoor chairs for instance. Or team them up with our matching 3.6m benches. They’re made with the same care and durable materials as the tables and therefore make a great perch for people, with or without cushions.

Our outdoor tables are available in 5-plank or 6-plank versions, 890mm or 1066mm wide respectively. The additional width is useful if you regularly entertain large groups for example, because it allows more space down the centerline for serving bowls, platters, vases and ice buckets. And of course dancing!

Outdoor Dining Table Pre-Drilled Holes

Even in an English summer, large outdoor dining tables need parasols for shade of course. Therefore our tables come pre-drilled to suit the size of parasols you use. Alternatively, we can supply with a single central hole, or even no holes at all if that’s your preference.

Our tables and benches are delivered complete and ready to use. With this in mind, our delivery team will follow your instructions as to where to put them and usually delivery is around 2 weeks from you placing your order.

flowers, quiche, salad and pink cushion
quiche and salad
outdoor dining table set with pink cushions
outdoor dining table with food and cushions
outdoor dining table with food close up
outdoor dining table with flowers

3.6m 5-Board Table

3.6m Bench

3.6m 6-Board Table