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16 Seat Outdoor Dining Tables and Benches

3.6m 5-Board Table

3.6m Bench

3.6m 6-Board Table

laid outdoor dining table

16 Seater Tables

At 3.6 metres in length our outdoor tables are perfect for entertaining up to 16 people. And if you’re fortunate enough to be entertaining 30 friends, we’ll make you two!

Black may not be the first colour that comes to mind for your outdoor dining table. But we think it should be!

The real beauty of our black table is that it co-ordinates with any seating you care to use – from the patio, the dining room or the kitchen. It makes a dramatic statement on any patio, deck or lawn and bright coloured serving bowls, glassware and summer salads really pop against the deep black table top. And coloured cushions create a dramatic effect against the black benches.

The tabletops are made from Millboard. It combines the beauty of natural wood in a moulded composite that’s long-lasting and won’t rot, stain or warp.
It’s the perfect material – hygienic enough to eat on, durable enough to dance on – and with our robust and pressure treated timber frames you’ll enjoy years of use with minimal maintenance.

The tables look great with outdoor furniture or a mix of your indoor chairs. Or team them up with our matching 3.6m benches. They’re made with the same care and durable materials as the tables and make a great perch for people, with or without cushions.

outdoor dining table with pink cushion


These aren’t like any benches you’ve sat on before. Ours are actually comfortable! Their 35cm width makes for a generous perch that bums of all sizes really appreciate – bare-back or on a cushion.

They are made from long lasting, beautiful Millboard tops and pressure treated and Sadolin coated wood frames and legs, so, like the tables, they’ll give you years of great service and take whatever the weather throws at them without losing their great looks.

outdoor dining table set with pink cushions
outdoor dining table with food
outdoor dining table with flowers
outdoor dining table with food close up
outdoor dining table with food and cushions

Please note: Millboard planks emulate the appearance of real wood, so boards vary in appearance making each table and bench unique. Your table and bench will use a mix of boards and may consequently not precisely match to the tables in the pictures.