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Outdoor Bench

The ideal accompaniment to your outdoor table is a matching bench or two. They are 3.6m in length and a generous 350mm in width making them very comfortable and perfect if you’re using cushions.

The tops are in the same beautiful and durable Millboard Enhanced Grain moulded planks as the tables and the frames match the design of the table you choose, with either Trestle leg or Tri-leg design. Available in Black or Grey.

NEW! Benches with built-in flexibility!

Our benches are too sturdy to flex but you can now opt for a matched pair of 1800mm benches which gives you lots of flexibility in your seating arrangements. You can still put them together to make a 3.6m bench, but you can also put a short bench either side of the table which is perfect if 4 – 8 are dining or if you want to put the kids on the benches at one end of the table and the grown ups on chairs at the other. They also make convenient seating for one or two people at either end of the table. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner!

The short bench is an option with both leg designs and adds £100 to the standard bench price.

3.6m Bench £650
2 x 1.8m Benches £750

Bench with Trestle Leg
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outdoor bench dimensions

Bench with Tri-Leg
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Tri-Leg Bench Dimensions